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ADV7842 HDMI/DVI issue

Question asked by napolywang on Nov 16, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2012 by GuenterL



I'm using ADV7842 to conenct to my Digital box's HDMI output with LPCM-DUAL. audio and 1080i video.

This HDMI output works well on TV.

When I connected it to ADV7842, after I ran the initialization script for HDMI 1080i mode. I do see the correct video output SDR20bit.

But I can't see the I2S audio signal from bus. And when I check the register

"HDMI_MODE, Addr 68 (HDMI), Address 0x05[7] (Read Only)", it shows me that the input has been detected as DVI mode.

I guess that this is the reason that I can't get correct audio (i2s) output.

Any suggestions?