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CCES help system does not work

Question asked by onejk on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2012 by CraigG



the help system tries to open a local html file like that:


It fails with 'The requested URL could not be retrieved'.


Also changing options under window>preferences>help>content to 'include remote help...' doesn't help.


I assume that for local help a service needs to be installed and started before.

Anything which needs to be installed or checked outside CCES?


Search and Index funtionality of help system works.


Under 'Help>Under>Installation Details>Plug-ins' there are CrossCore Help plugins visible.


Under 'Help>Under>Installation Details>Configuration' there are entries like that: ( "CrossCore Help, SHARC (ADSP-21160) Instruction Set Reference" [Resolved] ( "CrossCore Help, SHARC (ADSP-2136x) Programming Reference" [Resolved] ( "CrossCore Embedded Studio Help, C/C++ Compiler Manual (ADSP-21xxx)" [Resolved] ( "CrossCore Embedded Studio Help, C/C++ Library Manual (ADSP-21xxx)" [Resolved]