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How can I compile or implement gdbserver on my Blackfin appliance

Question asked by sina on Nov 15, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2012 by Aaronwu

I am working with a Spectrometer based on BlackFin BF537,
I am going to program new applications for that Spectrometer and In order to

take advantage of its full board I realized it is better to run gdbserver on the

spectrometer and then debug my native running code(bfin compiled myprogram.gdb) on

the spectrometer and control/read the debugging registers,... on eclipse environment running

on the pc.


Fortunately I can access to the uCLinux shell implemented on spectrometer via RS232.

When I runt root>uname -a

I get :

Linux jaz #3 Thu Nov 8 10:02:59 EST 2012 blackfin unknown


I am not sure if this version of uCLinux is what is called as specific version for gdbserver to work or not.

If it can handle gdbserver then what are the steps that I can implement gdbserver on the uCLinux.


I am pretty sure since the spectrometer's designers were concerned  about flash memory space they ripped the standard uClinux

but now I don't have any problem with memory capacity.


How can I find and install gdbserver binaries or if required libraries suitable for that specific uClinux?
If I have to compile where can I get the sources and what are the compilation and implementation steps that I have to follow?

How can I connect and communicate with eclipse gdb then?


Thanks in advance