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Blackfin547 SESR failure

Question asked by AlonIs on Nov 14, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2012 by Prashant

Hello everybody

I Using Lockbox feature on my BF547 custom board .

I wrote the Public key to the otp (same key that analog provide with blackfin development kits) .

the code is running good when I connect to the processor with jtag .

there are 2 cases in which  the code crashes after invoking the SESR :

1. the reset default values XML is unmarked in the target option .(the xml is attached in the zip folder)

2 . if I load the version  hex file to the flash (flash programmer) , disconnect the jtag and reset .


how did I checked it without jtag : 

in both cases I  I turned a led (connected to PG 9) one time right before invoking SESR and in the second time at the beginning of the secure function right after entering to secure mode . when the turn on of the  led is located before the SESR it always go well .

if it located after the processor crashes no led turning ON.


I'm attaching my code to this discussion

thank in advanced