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Help for using Eval-AD5791SDZ !

Question asked by blue-sky on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by blue-sky

Hi everyone,

I'm now trying to use AD5791 by using evaluation kit Eval-AD5791SDZ. I have some some questions for using it ( I've googled manual but I'm still confused about it):

1) The evaluation board has 5 external connection: Vout, Vout_buf, Vrefp, Vrefn, Vref. They use SMB jack ( 1-1337482-0 ). Could you recomment me what kind of wires to connect these jack?

2) There is J3 part on the evaluation board. To connect this Eval-AD5791SDZ to computer, do I have to buy extra SDP-B? which one should I choose?

3) And there is a J6 part on board. Can i use this part for directly connect to DSP device for SPI interface?

4) I see there is a part on the right which has no any elements on it ( the part has words " ANALOG DEVICES" on right side). I don't understand what is this part for?


Could anyone help me answer my questions?

Thank a lot in advance!

(PS: I'm not a native English speaker. Maybe, I could express my words right. Sorry for this )