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ADAU1701 and 1702 power consumption

Question asked by SteveL on Nov 13, 2012
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While idly contemplating a possible new project using SigmaDSPs I noticed that, according to their respective datasheets, the power/current consumptions of the 50MIPS ADAU1701 and the 25MIPS ADAU1702 are exactly the same.


That wasn't what I was expecting - is it really true? I was hoping that the 1702 would draw closer to half that of the 1701 - I'd like to minimise current consumption, but the self-bootability, ample GPIO and human-friendly packages of the 170x devices make them more attractive than the low-power Sigmas (ADAU1761, etc.).


Is anyone able to confirm the relative consumption of these two devices?


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Steve L.