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Synchronizing both Cores with IRQ

Question asked by APlinge on Nov 13, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2017 by pfeifferc

Hello Everyone!


We are developing a speech processing application on the BF609, currently using the EvKit and CrossCore Studio. In order to distribute the processing on both cores, we need some mechanism to exchange data between them in a synchronized way. So far we tried MCAPI to send data from one core to the other, however this is rather slow. It would be better to use the shared memory and some fast way to synchronize the cores.


Since the data to be processed is received by an SPORT, the best way would be to generate an SPORT DMA IRQ on both cores when the DMA Controller is done receiving. If this is not possible, we could also send an IRQ from one Core to the other.  From the description of the SEC in the hardware reference, it seems that we only need to setup the SCI accordingly, however it is not quite clear how to do that.


Alternatively, we could send an IRQ form one Core to the other.


Any hints would be greatly appreciated!


Many Thanks,