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ADV7611 EDID question

Question asked by dim.nvt on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by dim.nvt

Hi all,


I started to work with ADV7611 evaluation board. There's our setup. We use HS, VS, DE, CLK and 24bits data between the board and our video processor, configured en DTV 4:4:4. As source we would like to use some portable devices (smartphone, tablet etc) and, since our video processor has some limitations, we need to limit the input format to 720x480p or 720x576p (50 or 60 Hz). The problem, for the moment I can't understand how to initialize the internal EDID memory with those settings. In fact, with default software my Blackberry Playbook shows about 20 different formats, including some unusual (like 800x600p 72Hz) settings. Meantime, an Android-based phone did not recognize the board at all... If I well understand, there is no possible downscale operations inside ADV7611 i.e the output resolution = input resolution so we need to reduce the resolution at the source. Another question about the sound, I can't get any sound from this board...tried all possible settings through scripts, playbook and pc hdmi sources - nothing happens..any idea what can be wrong?  


Thank you!