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Help on ADAU1446 Eval board

Question asked by fernandes on Nov 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by BrettG

Dear Sirs


I needing help on attached project in order to configure the ADAU1446 control and I have some additional questions.


The idea is mount a board with 1 adau1446 and 2 ad1939 codecs (8 mono balanced inputs x 16 mono balanced outputs).

In this project I wrote a basic routing with 6 x 8 layout.


My test board is EVAL-ADAU144xXEBZ REV C, and I am using the J18 with UsBi and Sigma Studio 3.7 x64, and 44.1 Khz Sampling Rate.




1) How to configure the register control in order this project works fine with audio ? There are 9 windows on Sigma.


2) Regarding the final hardware what IC do I need to choose to control the clocks used ?

(Last simple project I use the codec as master and dsp as slave.)


Some mounts I will use just one codec + dsp and others full populated board.


3) If I need to improve my board adding another ADAU1146 in order to separate the input of ouput processing, how to set the clock ?


Codecs inputs ===> DSP 1 (input processing) ===> DSP 2 (output processing) ==> Codecs Outputs


4) After compiler my compiler_output.txt file


Instructions used:

3858          (out of a possible 4096 )

Modulo Data RAM used (X Memory):

5268          (out of a possible 8192 )

Non Modulo Data RAM used (X Memory):

28          (out of a possible 8192 )

Parameter RAM used (Y Memory):

1400          (out of a possible 4096 )





But the INSTANCE MIPS NUMBER WAS (108%). I need some explanation about the MIPS. Whats the safe number in order to avoid locks

on DSP ?




I put a simple project with 2 inputs and 2 output objects and a volume control to test board (with single band level meter) to test board, but I cannot hear audio. I've mounted the same framework on AD1940 eval and works. I suppose that the Register Control of Adau144x is not setup correctly.


I didn't modifiy the strapes on EVAL board.


Thanks for helping


Jean Fernandes