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ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite USB Communication Interrupt

Question asked by Hans-Tirol on Nov 12, 2012
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I got a problem conncting my KIT to the VisualDSP by using the Debug Agent.


The ADSP-BF506F EZ-KIT Lite is powerd by a 5VDC (890mA max) source. When I connect the USB cable to the target and to the PC, the yellow and green LED's on the target (ZLED1, ZLED) are lit. I start the Session via Debug Agent and VisualDSP connects propperly. After 20 to 30 seconds the green LED's intensity decreases until it is completely off. After a few more seconds the monitor LED ZLED2 is also off. On the desktop appears a pop-up message:




Closing the message box with NO has no effect, the connection is already lost. I have to unplug/plug the USB cable again and the same procedure stars from the beginning.


Anyone knows how to fix that?


Thanks for your help!