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7758 acting strange

Question asked by aslanoymak on Nov 12, 2012
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i am working on measuring rms volt and current. i am using ade7758, pic18f4620 and c18. İ can write and read to ade7758  but when i am changing to voltage at input level of ade7758 it doesnt give me lineer values. for example if i am performing 50 milivolt to 7758 and i am reading 500 volt then i am increasing to volt 60 milivolt, iam reading 600 volt then i am increasing 70 milivolt to 7758 and  iam reading 560 volt. İ couldnt understand why. and it is doing this at other voltage level also like  100 milivolt or 200 milivolt...


if it is needed i can send my codes.


can someone help me?

Best Regards.