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Direct Digital Synthesizer and 8 bit AVR

Question asked by Zarnuji on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2012 by Zarnuji

Hi all, i'm an undergraduate student and now working for the final project.

I have a project that the main purpose is creating the programmable frequency and phase (pardon me here). However, i'm facing some problem to understand in matching some requirements and the available options in DDS series.


1. If i want to generate a sine wave output with frequency around 15-30 MHz (the project needs a very high precision wave frequency). do i need a very high master fclk? or, the 250 MHz fclk is enough? or is it depends to the "Tuning word width"?? is there any suggestion??

2. If the output needs to be programmed (and controlled) directly through PC, is there any idea? because my current experience is only controlling from the mcu (actually an 8 bit mcu).



Many thanks.


sorry for my english.