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ADV7619 Disabling Free Run

Question asked by mgirardelli on Nov 9, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by mgirardelli

It appears that disabling free run via the HDMI_FRUN_EN bit (CP 0xBA[0]) is not working.  We still see clock and syncs output after using a 1080p/60 input.


Steps to reproduce:

1.  Power up the system with no input connected.

2.  Set CP 0xBA[0] = 0.  Clock and syncs are not output (correct).

3.  Connect a 1080p/60 signal.  Clock and syncs are output (correct).

4.  Disconnect the signal.  Clocks and syncs are still output even though free run is disabled and no signal is present.


The CP_FREE_RUN bit (CP 0xFF[4]) is 0, so the part thinks it's not free running when it really is.


We have tried setting DIS_AUTO_PARAM_BUFF (CP 0xC9[0]) to 0, but this has no effect.

We have VID_STD set to 0x02 and PRIM_MODE set to 0x06, per the recommendations in the datasheet.  Still no change in behavior.


This was also mentioned at, item #18.  However, the question was never answered.  It seems that the rest of the thread only dealt with getting free run working, not disabling free run.