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AD9914 Errata

Question asked by Dave.Cummings on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2012 by Dave.Cummings

Found some small errors in the datasheet. Is this a good place to submit?





Table 5, First row should read:

1,2,13 to 15, 68 to 72, 75 to 81, 87, 88  | D17,D16,D7 to D5, D31 to D27, D26 to D20, D19, D18

// n.b. the order of the sets is reversed wrt pin # vs. mnemonic #


Table 27:

Description is wrong, should read:

Amplitude Scale Factor | This 12-bit word controls the DDS *frequency*. Note that the OSK enable bit (0x00[8]) must be set to logic high to make amplitude adjustments.

Phase offset word | This 16-bit word controls the DDS *phase*.

// confusing if three different words all set frequency :-)