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How to get waveform by Timer working with PWM_OUT mode in BF561?

Question asked by kevinxiao on Nov 8, 2012
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I want a f = 50KHz waveform, it's duty cycle  is  50%; My test code as follow, Could you tell me why it is failed?

And need i setting PF config register, if it is,how to do?

Thanks very much!


#include <ccblkfn.h>

#include "adi_initialize.h"

#include "AD7606_CoreA.h"

int main(void)


          /* Initialize managed drivers and/or services */



          *pSICA_SYSCR &= 0xFFDF; // clear bit 5 to unlock


          // set Clocks

          // sets Core clock to 600MHz (= 18 x 33MHz) and SCLK to 120MHz (=600Mhz / 5) on BUB

          Set_PLL( (short)(CORECLK/CLKIN), (short)(CORECLK/SYSCLK));


                    /* Set TMR1 as PWM_OUT mode and output 50KHz clk for AD7606 Convert A & B*/

                    // Disable Timer 1 first, in case there was an unexpected history.

                    *pTMRS8_DISABLE = TIMDIS1;

                    *pTIMER1_CONFIG = PERIOD_CNT | PULSE_HI | PWM_OUT;

                    *pTIMER1_PERIOD = 0x9600; //SCLK = 120MHz, PWM_CLK = 50KHz;

                    *pTIMER1_WIDTH  = 0x4800;            // duty cycle  of 50%

                    //Open timer1

                    *pTMRS8_ENABLE =  TIMEN1;

                    /*Set timer over*/