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Calibrating the ADE7753

Question asked by TrendChaser89 on Nov 8, 2012
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     Hello everyone!


     I'm doing a project in a university.  Its a digital energy meter based on ADE7753 and STM32 microcontroller.  I constructed the circuit hardware based on a reference meter design based on ADE7756 and the evaluation board of ADE7753. I've had little progress since I'm not familiar with programming MCUs and ICs.  So far, with the help of some friends, I already have established communication between STM32 and ADE7753 using the SPI protocol.  I can already write values to different registers and correctly read those values.  I'm now into calibrating the ADE7753.  From what I understood on the datasheet, I must measure the frequency of the pulsed output on the CF pin (pin 11) and compare this measurement with the expected CF frequency.  With this, the value of CFDEN can already be calculated.  What I did on the microcontroller code was that 0x09 was written to the GAIN register and 0x08 to the MODE register which I thought will enable the frequency output CF.  I was  using a 10 W lamp as load. However, when I tried to connect the CF pin on an oscilloscope, no pulsed output was seen on the CF pin.  What might have caused this? 


     Hope someone can help me with this. Appreciate it a lot. Thanks.


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