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ADV7612 Dolby and DTS Support?

Question asked by nabs on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2012 by mattp



I have been working with several different kinds of Analog Devices chip and I found an issue with one particular chip (ADV7612).


It seems that adv7612 cannot handle Dolby or DTS if the channel status bit 1 (Audio Sample Word) of the channel status data it is receiving, is set to 1 (Other).  This only time it does handle the audio types (Dolby or DTS) is when the channel status bit 1 is set to 0 (LPCM).


Usually when a source is generating Dobly or DTS, it will set the channel status bit 1 ( Audio Sample Word = Other) as the audio is compressed and not LPCM


This does not seem to be an issue on other chips like adv7842 or adv7623.


Is there any special register setting that I need to do on adv7612 so that it will pass through the desired Audio Types.


Any ideas?