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Suitable Reference for Clockgenerator AD9525

Question asked by jur4ik on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2012 by Eggert

Hello Guys,


I have an question about how to pick out the right reference for Clockgerenerator( im my case the Ad9525):

What are the properties I have look for  picking out the right reference for clockgerenrator.

In my opinion the frequency stability and phase noise are impotant.

If take a tcxo one have an frequency stability of about 0.25 ppm and the normal crystal oscillator would have a stability of about 50 ppm.

But maybe the frequency stability only is not crucial.

In the eval board of the Ad9525 you use the normal crystal oscillator which has an frequency stability of 50ppm.


Can you please give me an advice for which properties I should look for and how the each property should be to achieve the best case?


p.s If important I want to drive the clock with 500 and 1584 MHz respectively.


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