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Timer2 IRQ is only executed Once

Question asked by drakesoft on Nov 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by drakesoft

Hello, i have a Problem with the Timer2 IRQ. The Timer2 generate a Interrupt only once. IRQSTA[4] and IRQSIG[4] remaining true. The timer is counting in 10ms intervals. My programm use the VIC extention of the ADUC7126.


void init_timer2 () {

    T2CON = (1<<6) | (1<<7) | (1<<10);

    T2LD = TIMER2_LD;   

    T2CLRI = 0xFF;


void timer2_clr_irq ( void )  {


    T2CLRI = 0xFF;



__asm void IRQ_Handler ( void ) __irq {

    STMFD  SP!, {R0-R12, LR}


      LDR R0,=0xFFFF001C

      LDR R0,[R0]

       LDR R0,[R0]   


    CMP R0,#0

    mov R14,PC



    LDMFD  SP!, {R0-R12, LR}

    SUBS PC,lr,#0x4