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AD9284 default mode problem

Question asked by tkirilmaz on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2012 by J.Harris

Hi Dear,


I am using AD9284 with the interface of adl5380 demodulator. I tried to work in default mode of AD9284. I have checked I and Q outputs of demodulator and everything was fine there. When i checked digital outputs of AD9284, I could not see the desired output. So, AD9284 seem to be not working properly.


First of all I am operating AD9284 in default mode. As far as I see in the datasheet, it should be working but still I have suspission about that.


Second, there is not an  Reference voltage interface in between demodulator and ADC. Actually output of the demodulator is connected to the ADC through a capacitor and I think that this type of a usage should be OK. Still,  I am not sure that this may cause some serious problems.


I would be pleased if you can help me with this issue.