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Xenomai error on BF537 EZ-Kit lite and uClinux 2010-head

Question asked by BryanH on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2012 by BryanH

I'm trying to get real-time working on a BF537 EZ-Kit with the head revision of uClinux 2010, but I'm getting errors on all of the Xenomai test programs. I carefully followed the instructions for installing Adeos, compiling the kernel with Xenomai, and creating the user area and test programs. All of the Xenomai test programs error out with various errors. I assume I've missed something simple, but I can't find the problem.


Here is what happens on several of the test programs:


root:/usr/xenomai/bin> ./sigtest


Xenomai: mmap(local sem heap): No such file or directory

root:/usr/xenomai/bin> ./klatency

open(/proc/xenomai/registry/native/pipes/klat_pipe): No such file or directory

modprobe klat_mod or try the -P option?

root:/usr/xenomai/bin> ./xeno-load

xeno-load: cannot find run info: /usr/xenomai/bin/.runinfo


Let me know if you need more info about anything in my system, and I'll post it.


Thank you!