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Regarding SPI Flash on BF561

Question asked by anuvunnam on Nov 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by Prashant


For the current project we have BF561 processor and we have a W25Q32BV 8 bit SPI Flash chip on a custom built hardware.

We have written SPI Flash code for BF561 processor and the 8 bit flash chip and its working fine which we have tested on an other hardware

with BF561 and the same flash chip.

We tried flashing the init file of BF561 processor and after flashing the init file the Emulator is not getting connected to the processor,

while the emulator is passing all the test in the configurator.

We verified that emulator is working fine by connecting to other hardware board.

In one of the Analog Device forums, we found that after flashing while it boots up both Core A and Core B should be unlocked.

But the init code that we flashed has only Core A enabled.



So can you please tell us how an emulator can be connected to that particular processor on a urgent basis?


Anuradha Vunnam