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Problem with bf532 SPORT0  i2s format

Question asked by zyy on Nov 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by zyy

Hi, all


     In my project, a 24bit high-resolution ADC (AK5357) is connected to bf532 SPORT0. Signal Pins are connected as follow:


     AK5357  SCLK ----------->   SPORT0  RSLCK0

     AK5357  LRCK ------------>  SPORT0  RFS0

     AK5357  SDTO ------------>  SPORT0 DPR0PRI


   Communication format of SPORT0 is configurated to i2s.


     SCLK and LRCK signals are generated externally by AK5357,  The data in SPORT0's FIFO is transmitted to an array , for example DataArr[], in memory throgh DMA.

     my question is how can I know which data in DataArr[] is belongs to Left channel,  and which data is belongs to right channel?


    Is there anybody can give me some advice? Thanks  a lot!


    yanyu zhang