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Questions of Input channels and ADI Algorithms for ADAU1701 and SigmaStudio

Question asked by JackieTan on Nov 4, 2012
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I'm a newer. I have some simple questions need you kindly help.

I want to use ADAU1701 for my project. Questions are :

- 2 analog signals can be input to ADC0 and ADC1, 2 channels of digital signal can be input to MPx through I2S port. Can ADAU1701 DSP core process these 4 signals simultaneously? I want to add algorithm onto each signal.

- In SigmaStudio, I find some algorithms in toolbar, but I can not find related expalation in Help. Such as Pitch transposer, sub harmonic synth... where can I get a complete help file?

- In help file, I find ADI support reverb algorithm, but I can not find it in ADAU1701 toolbar. Where can I get it?

Thanks in advance!