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Multichannel SPORT Transmit DMA Channels Rotated 1 Sample

Question asked by SamWong on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by SamWong

I am running a 6-channel multichannel SPORT transmit on SPORT5A of an ADSP-21262. 48kHz framesync and 9.216MHz clock are generated externally. The system works fine except very infrequently the data on the output pin would be rotated one sample relative to the frame sync signal. Ch-1 shows up in the second slot and Ch-6 shows up in slot 1. The DMA buffers have the data in the correct slots. DMA registers are all correct. SPORT configurations are correct. Basically everything appears normal on the register level, but the data on the output pin rotated 1 sample. This condition will stay like that until I recycle power.

Wondering if anybody has encountered this problem before and how to fix it.