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115200 baud with ADUC7020

Question asked by Karsten-Schulz on Nov 2, 2012
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Hi all, hi  EckartH and MMA,


iam use the AduC7060 with 100K boud  on serialport propblemless, but in last times

i use the AduC7020 and iam don't understod the fraction registervalue. I think

the part generate boudrates they are not selectable in my terminal (HTerm.exe).


I serch in internet, and can't find not one example where the part run with 115200 boud .


My 9600 Version looks so , and works :


// Setup tx & rx pins on P1.0 and P1.1

GP1CON = 0x011;

//Start setting up UART at 9600bps

COMCON0 = 0x080;//Setting DLAB

     COMDIV0 = 0x088;//Setting DIV0 and DIV1 to DL calculated

     COMDIV1 = 0x000;

     COMCON0 = 0x007;//Clearing DLAB

COMIEN0 = 0x1;//BIT2;//interrupt enable BIT1


Can you inform me what for values by 115200 boud i have to enter in this registers ?


Thank you for read me.

Karsten Schulz