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HDCP disabling in the ADV7611W (Auto Part) board development

Question asked by padmanathanj on Nov 2, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by GuenterL

Hi All,


     We are buying an Automotive version part of the HDMI receiver P/N: ADV7611WBSWZ for one of our Proto development.

In this Automotive version, there is no non-HDCP part.


Initially, the Software development does not include the HDCP feature/functionality. We are planning to test our unit with non-HDCP sources (Smart-phones/Tablets).


Since the above stated Auto part already consists of the HDCP feature, please confirm if we can disable the HDCP feature (through Software) in this part (after assembling on-board) during the initial board development/bring-up to use with a HDCP disabled driver for ADV7611? Or do we need to have the HDCP keys in the device disabled during procurement from ADI itself?


We assume that, if we buy this Auto part, the HDCP keys are pre-programmed by default.

If in case, ADI itself can disable the HDCP feature (with no keys) in the same Automotive version part, then can we buy this part without having the HDCP license in our end?

If so, how can we program the HDCP keys later to the same part on-board (already assembled part without keys) to enable the HDCP feature?