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EDID compliance in mains off

Question asked by Dahl on Nov 1, 2012
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I need to have the ADV7844 to handle the EDID for 3 of its outputs.

As I understand the documentation I NEED to have an external SPI EEPROM for EDID data.

.. but do you have recommended application notes for the EEPROM design and also for the power design?

I have found one app notes, but I don't think that these will work in main off mode.

EDID must be read with supply from the HDMI_+5V only, so that is 5V_cables_supply exatly in app notes ?

A I understand this we will not be able to read EDID from a source if we have the sink in mains off, and only 5V from the HDMI source.

.. which this is required from HDMI spec.

Please see pictures and please explain how you comply to HDMI spec with this setup ? (What is +5V (Cable supply) ?


I hope you can help and support me ASAP and I look forward to hear from you.


ADV7844 - Power-Down Mode 0 or 1.bmp