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LWIP using custom BlackFin537 Board

Question asked by silenuszhi on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2012 by jobo23


     I am using LWIP with a custom blackfin537 board (MT48LC16M16 on my board) and there is a problem when I build a simple project.

      I used the new project wizard to generate a project wtith the default config but change the sdram size to 32MB according to my design.

      And then I build the project ,download it into my board and it stops at

void UserDefinedInterruptServiceRoutines( void )


I've changed the reg value in 537-proc.xml according to the sdram ,



          <register name="EBIU_SDRRC" reset-value="0x03A0" core="Common" />

          <register name="EBIU_SDBCTL" reset-value="0x13" core="Common" />

          <register name="EBIU_SDGCTL" reset-value="0x8091118d" core="Common" />

          <register name="EBIU_AMGCTL" reset-value="0xff" core="Common" />



And for the sdram , after i use the xml reset values , i can access the sdram using the macro


#define wr_dat(addr,data)(*(volatile u16 *)(addr))=data
#define rd_dat(addr,data)data=(*(volatile u16 *)(addr))


in my code . but when I access the mem from memory viewer . mem can only change when I use the HEX32 format or some other 32bit format.if I choose the 16bit format , it just goto 01 10 00 00.


So , I am appreciating if anybody can help me .Did I miss some configure?