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EVAL-AD5932EBZ Connection error

Question asked by zwind on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by musach

I have purchased the 2nd EVAL-AD5932EBZ board. I just want to use PC to configure the DDS to generate some sine wave as the first step of my development. With both boards, I used USB from PC to power up the eval board. All the jumpers are in default settings. I have double checked on all the jumpers to make sure they are in default settings match what listed on AD5932 spec sheet.


When I launch the eval software (version 1.4), it prompts that connection error. I used a scope to look at the D+ and D- line of usb connector on eval board, both D+ and D- signals are at logic low when it is idle, which doesn't seem right to me.


I have seen the same behavior (failure) on two eval board. I have installed the eval board software (both ver1.3 & 1.4) on these 3 PC environments:


1) windows7 64-bit pro

2) windows xp2 pro

3) windows xp mode virtual machine in window7 64 bit pc.


please advice what did i do wrong. what else i can try. again, i actually returned my first board because i thought, after tried different ideas, it was a mal-function hardware. But the 2nd hardware behaves exactly the same as the 1st hardware.