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'Flash over CAN' with BF537

Question asked by Sebastian@ContiAG on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2012 by Prashant



first of all: I'm quite new to this whole subject and I'm having a pretty hard stand at getting started. My problem is that I need to flash the BF537 over CAN. As I know the flashing process is possible via JTAG and UART.

So far I've come to the following concept:


Host PC -> UART (flash-file) -> Blackfin filesystem -> flash command starts from the flash file -> memory Blackfin


Host PC -> CAN-Interface -> puffer (of the bootloader) -> flash command starts from the flash file -> memory Blackfin


Currently I'm digging through the various C-codes (bs_loader.c, cmdFlashCommand.c) to get a hold of the flashing process but it's quite confusing to be honest and I'm still unsure if this is the correct way to solve my problem.


I've also spoken with some colleagues and addressed my problem to them, hopefully to get some good starting tips but unfortunately the problem itself remains complex.

Therefore I want to ask the community here if my concept in general is correct, if it is possible and some good starting tips for this project. I would be really grateful.