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Can a ADM2587 or adm3053 be used on a 2 layer board (IsoPower)

Question asked by Tom.abcd on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by ConalW

I am working on some interface boards that need either Isolated Can or Isolated RS485 that will be done on a 2 layer board.      I had been looking at using the Adm2587 or adm3053 but in the datasheet it says you need to use a 4 layer board because of the 180Mhz switcher in the isopower section.  


We have just built up a test board for something else that had an adm3251 (isolated RS232) and we have powered it up and do not see much noise on the VCC pins. 


So how bad is it to just use a 2 layer board?   We do not need to pass FCC for this product but do not want the ADM chip to cause enough noise to affect the other digital chips in the product or to put noise back out the Can or RS485 lines and affect other devices.


So has anybody tried using these parts on a 2 layer board?