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Need suggestions on choice of FDA to buffer a DAC

Question asked by richieqianle on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2012 by Emman.A

Dear ALL


I am trying to buffer an DAC through FDAs.


The output of FDA will be connected with a modulator.

One end of the modulator is connected with ground.

So the reason for me to buffer the DAC is to avoid the ground loop. The DAC is a single ended DAC. If it is connected with modulator directly, a ground loop will be formed.


Therefore, the DAC will be connected with FDAs to create a differential output.


1. In this application, bandwidth is not required (5kHz) is sufficient, but precision is highly required. (0.1mV output)

2. The output will be -10V --- +10V


Do you think it is necessary to make the output differential?

If so, any suggestions on high precision FDA? Bandwidth is not a problem.


Thank you very much.



Richie CHEN