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avoid linking floating point fcts.

Question asked by pfeifferc on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by pfeifferc


i dont use any float calculations in my own code.

but fp-fcts are linked into my L1 Progr. memory because adi_pwr_applyConfig and other adi_fcts. use this for calculation.

so i  try to map it into ext. Codemem, but this fcts. are in libdsp532y (fpdiv,fpmult etc.) and there is no option to map only these fcts. into ext.prgMemory - > e.g. with   INPUT_SECTIONS( libdsp532y.dlb [ float32_mul.doj (program) ] )


only RESOLVE(___float32_sub, 0x00800000)  works , is there any other option to avoid fp-calcs in adi functions ???



regards chris