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ADE 7763 huge waveform offset cha1

Question asked by klc on Oct 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2012 by hmani

Without HPF I'm reading -78000 to -80000 and with HPF about -2000 to 2000


My power meassuements are fine and so are IRMS and VRMS


I do the following after reset and the values are never the same.



WRITE_ADEMODE(0b0101101100001000);                                //bit 15-8 Samplerate clk/1024, Wave select cha 1


WRITE_IRQEN(0b0000000000001000);                                 //Enable waveform interrupt - set WSMP


  while (ADE7763_IRQ);                                    //Wait for IRQ to go low


  READ_RSTSTATUS();                                                 //Read status register with reset

  waveform_offset = READ_WAVEFORM();                                //Read waveform register




printf("\r\nWAVE_o   : %ld",waveform_offset);