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adl5380 LO interfacing

Question asked by limn on Oct 28, 2012
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we plan to use adl5380 in a Rx direct conversion archirecture.

LO freq=1GHz, LO synthesizer ADF4360-2 in RF/2 operation mode.

We'd like to use a direct adf4360-2 output--->ADL5380 differential connection in order to ommit balun.

Would ADF4360 Pout sufficient?

Is there a suggestion regarding differential low pass filter design to suppress 3rd order harmonics?

Should I consider with higher order harmonins as well?

Should the low pass filter be deigned for 100Ω input and 50Ω output impedances?

The adl5380 data sheet specifies a LO pwr range of -6dbm to +6dbm . I assume that this applies to the usuage of a balun to supply LO single-ended.Correct?

How the LO input pwr requirements applies to the differential feeding scheme?


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