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AD5932 not responding

Question asked by Luca on Oct 27, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by musach


I'm trying to generate a waveform with the AD5932 but I can't see nothing on the VOUT pin. I'm writing in the registers with the spi of an atmega32 and I think that the code might be correct but I can't see nothing.


I've initialliy tried to generate a 1 khz sinusoidal form using a MCLK of 10khz and then different output and master frequency but I can't see nothing.


Now I'm starting to think that the AD5932 might be broken, is there a method to know if it still works without writing in the registers? Also can some of you give me a working code (either in c or in assembly) so I can try with that?


Thank you for your help.