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Question asked by guytaar on Oct 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2012 by BrettG

Hi al,


I'm running into a very annoying problem, it's quiet urgent, the product is in a rather final phase... . I've just received a first batch of a new product with a ADAU1442 on board. On all devices, the SPDIF in and out does not work! The PCB are exactly the same as the prototype (which does work) and the software is also exactly the same. All other inputs and outputs (through ADCs and DACs) are working correct, only SPDIF doesn't. I've checked the settings again and again and they all appear correct. The SPDIF input signal goes through the FARM and this does nothing at all. When I route some signal from an ADC input to the SPDIF output, this signal is routed there but it sound very "crackled". The AP ATS-2 is not able to sync on the signal. With an RME sound card, I can make it work (by selecting internal 44.1 kHz clock first and when it syncs, switch back to SPDIF in clock). When I unplug the cable and plug back in, the "crackled" sound is back. Does anybody seen this before or has info or suggestions what to do or test? Thanks in advance!


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