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Launch application after boot?

Question asked by on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2012 by Aaronwu

Hey guys,


at first, i'm sorry for this post. i guess the information i need is somewhere to be found, but i've searched the wiki and googled quite some time now and haven't found something.


The problem is that i need to launch an shell script after the blackfin has been booted AND the shell is alive as well.


There is the possibility to launch an application by adding the command to /etc/rc, but it's executed before the launch of HUSH (the shell), therefore not reacting on Strg-C and other key inputs. That's necessary for my application, so i really need to launch it afterwards (or make it react on the shell).


On a usual linux the right place might be the <home>/.bashrc, but neither /etc/.bashrc or /root/.bashrc was executed on startup.


How can I do this?


Thanks for your help,