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[ADSP-21469 via HPUSB-ICE] Random Bugs...

Question asked by pereira on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2012 by pereira


I'm working on a code based on the AnalogInAnalogOut example and I'm having some serious trouble...


1. Strange messages about breakpoints appear randomly : failed to set automatic breakpoint at "main"

This is very problematic because I can do nothing but restart everythong : the EZ-Board, the VDSP++ software. I have to restart it 20 times a day and it costs a lot of time.


2. Random results, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. For exemple, if it does not work, I recompile without changing anything, and if a recompile several times it finally works eventually.


Here is my number one suspect :

In the ldf file, I added :



  // ------------------------- BLOCK 3 -----------------------------------------

  // 0x000E 0000 to 0x000E 5554  Normal word (48) Space (1 Mbit RAM)

  // 0x000E 0000 to 0x000E 7FFF  Normal word (32) Space (1 Mbit RAM)

  // 0x001C 0000 to 0x001C FFFF  Short word (16)  Space (1 Mbit RAM)

  seg_heap { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x000e0000) END(0x000e7fff) WIDTH(32) }


  // ------------------------- SDRAM (DDR2) ------------------------------------

  // 0x0020 0000 to 0x021F FFFF  Short word (16) Space (124MB RAM)

  seg_ext_swco  { TYPE(SW RAM) START(0x00600000) END(0x0065FFFD) WIDTH(16) }

  seg_ext_nwco  { TYPE(PM RAM) START(0x00220000) END(0x005FFFFF) WIDTH(16) }

  seg_ext_dmda  { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x00900000) END(0x01DFFFFD) WIDTH(16) }

  seg_ext_pmda  { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x01E00000) END(0x022FFFFF) WIDTH(16) }

  seg_flash { TYPE(DM RAM) START(0x04000000) END(0x043FFFFF) WIDTH(8) }






            INPUT_SECTIONS( $OBJECTS(seg_ext_dmda) $LIBRARIES(seg_ext_dmda))

        } > seg_ext_dmda




            INPUT_SECTIONS( $OBJECTS(seg_ext_pmda) $LIBRARIES(seg_ext_pmda))

        } > seg_ext_pmda


And I use section("seg_ext_pmda") and section('seg_ext_dmda") to store big vectors.