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AD9467-low SNR & SFDR

Question asked by Av1n on Oct 25, 2012
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I am using AD9467 250MSPS ADC on my board (schematic attached) for sampling 2 input frequency ranges --- 180MHz +/- 40MHz as well as 70MHz +/- 2.5MHz. The ADCs are being operated at 250MSPS sampling rate. I had designed the circuit referring to guidelines with the filter cut-off frequency set to 400MHz. When I measured the SNR & SFDR values from the data captured from the ADC using VisualAnalog (plot attached), I am getting only around 48.5dBFS and SFDR of only 49.442dBc. My requirement is an SNR value greater than 70dBFS and SFDR greater than 80dBc. How can I improve these figures on my board?