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ADV7842  How can I use 3D_Comb (TBC is sttoped) with 64MB SDRAM?

Question asked by Bogey on Oct 25, 2012
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When I use 3D_Comb function (TBC is sttoped) with 64MB SDRAM, ADV7842 output Display picture is noisy.  not good quality.

Please attached picture.



When I used 3D_Comb with 128MB DDR, ADV7842 output Display picture is very fine.


I used ADV7842 evaluation board.  Script data is Attached "1-1c(SDRAM) CVBS NTSC_PAL-M  480i H_V_DE 24bit 422 out HDMI".

I attached Script file.


RAM size resister setting

94 75 0A ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

94 74 00 ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

94 79 33 ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

94 6F 01 ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

94 60 01 ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

94 7A A5 ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

94 7B 8F ;add-yt(SD-RAM 64Mb)

90 12 01 ; chg-yt (Frame 3D comb enabled,TBC off)



How can I fiex register setting of ADV7842 for 3D_Comb with 64MB SDRAM?

Please advise register setting at 64MB SDRAM.






3D Comb with 64MB.jpg