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AD9548 is configured for 10MHz and 1PPS output

Question asked by aravind.dc on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2012 by pkern

Hi Paul,


I'm Aravind, working on AD9548 evaluation board since couple of weeks.




I have connected 1PPS output of Trimble receiver to the input of AD9548


I have changed and tried many settings in FILTER section but I haven't got exact 10 MHz output, The 10 MHz output is too jittery.


For your reference,. I'm attaching .STP file and a graph.


Graph is showing (10MHz-frequency output AD9548), i.e., offset of AD9548 10MHz with respect to 10MHz.


Can you please send me a profile, from which those jitters can be removed???


Thanks in advance.


Have a nice day.