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ADE7953 Power measurement

Question asked by aflamerich on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by hmani
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Hi hmani.


Now I'm very clear about current measurement.


Another thing that I want to ask you is:


Currently in our application  we are using two current sensor because the source is 220VAC but the load is divide in two of 120VAC (the neutro is on the midle) and in fact it is unbalance load then we have to take the Energys mesurement and add EnergyA plus EnergyB.  And my question is:

The ADE7953 measure:


           PowerA = Vin * Ia

            PowerB = Vin * Ib


           PowerA = (Vin/2) * Ia

           PowerB = (Vin/2) * Ib


Actually this point is not very clear in datasheet. which voltage use to calculate PowerA, PowerB, EnergyA, EnergyB.


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