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7511 input clock change disturbs monitor audio

Question asked by danc on Oct 24, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2012 by DaveD

When the clock input to my 7511 changes, I find that some monitor's audio does not recover gracefully; it becomes aliased and noisy.  The clock changes due to upstream format changes, for example 1080i_50 to 1080i_59 will change the clock from 74.25 to 74.25/1.001, and the clock might even go away for a period of time. Of course, this also creates a disturbance in the TMDS clock that the monitor apparently is sensitive to.  I believe that I have determined that my 7511 is recovering fine; it is the monitor that is confused.  But I still need to help the monitor recover audio.  Is there a way that I can do something within the 7511 that will cause these monitors to resynchronize audio?  I am OK with letting the monitor start over again as though it were hotplugged, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this by software control.