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Why fixpoint overflow in example code?

Question asked by MisterB on Oct 24, 2012
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I use VisualDSP++ in version 5.0.10 for SHARC 21489 processor. If I compile and run the attached code in the 214xx simulator in debug and release mode everything is fine. If I run the attached code on a 21489 EzKit, I found only in debug mode a FIXI interrupt (signal SIG_FIX) latched and the MOSx Bit in the Sticky Status register PEx is set. In release mode, everthing is fine. Why is this interrupt set in debug mode only on the EzKit? Is this a compiler/toolchain/simulator bug?


Background: I use the SIG_FIX interrupt for checking on fixpoint overflow errors while execution time in production code. I found an error in release mode. To find the problem, I tried to find the bug in debug mode. But now, I ended up in the attached code where I can't find any error in the code.


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