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PWM Polarity configuration register bits

Question asked by Gasha on Oct 24, 2012
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I apologize for my ignorance, but I do not get the meaning of
bits in PWM polarity configuration register. Each PWM group has 4 outputs (AH,
AL, BH, and BL). Why are there 8 bits for polarity configuration? Should not be
there just 4 bits? It seems that each two bit groups configure the same pwm output.
For example PWMPOL0AL (bit 1) and PWM_POL1AL (bit 0) configure AL. The HRM says
that bit 1 has priority over bit 0. Why is that? So, if I set those to two 10
or 11 it does the same thing since bit 1 has priority? What is the reason for existence
of bit 0 ?


This one is the worst register explanation that I have read in my entire engineering life.

I searched both HRM and PRM, for more info on these bits, but I could not find it.


Thank you.