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Request Explicit Bitstream build instructions for ADV7511 demo for KC705

Question asked by ShepardSiegel on Oct 23, 2012
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The ADV7511 demo has great utility towards a high-volume application we are developing. The pre-built bitstream included in the tarball loaded into our KC705 and works perfectly. Fine. Great, actually!


However, the process of rebuilding the bitstream from scratch; and in specific the software compilation of the uBlaze C codes and re-integration with the bitstream is not obvious to us. We've made bit streams; but suspect the BRAMs are not populated with the correct (if any?) code.


We have ISE 14.1, 14.2, and 14.3 loaded; but have been using ISE 14.1 as that seems to be the release the design was first built for.


Xilinx gives clear direction on methodology in their UG683; but this project (like many others) seems to stray from that path.


Can someone provide a basic step-by-step so that we can create a functional demo bitstream from source; instead of just using the pre-built bitstream. This is urgent and important.


Thank you. -Shep Siegel


extra credit (not as urgent):

  a) Same thing, but for zed-board Zynq platform

  b) Both platforms; but using Vivado tools and Xilinx methodology