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How to write u-boot in any flash memory of bf548 ezkit

Question asked by steinp on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by steinp

Hi all,

I try for 3 complete days to write u-boot in the flash memory of the BF548 board with VisualDSP++. The assignment (it is a student project) is to run u-boot and after that also uCLinux. I did a lot of research but I don´t understand very much. Can anyone give me a detailed manual how to write u-boot in the flash memory?


I already tryed:

Compile my owne u-boot (I also used the u-boot from the CD), an flash it with VisualDSP++ in the parallel (I tryed also serial) flash memory. I tryed it with the u-boot.bin and also with the u-boot.ldr. I allways had to chose binary file typ. Intel Hex leads to a failure message.

Then I tryed to connect with the board via a serial communikation (RS232). Therefore I use kermit -> connect. But it never worked.


Please help me!