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Carrying 8 channel audio on 2wires

Question asked by Rex on Oct 23, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2012 by Rex

Hi all,


I am trying to carry up to 8 channels of audio (10k bandwidth) over 2 wires of length 1.2km.


The idea I have is to ADC all the audio and then use a frequency synthesizer (AD9959 or similar) to apply FSK modulation to each then transmit
it over the 2wires. Basically each of the audio channels will have its own carrier. The problem I can't seem to work out is how do you added all the
carriers together and transmit it over 2wires, I assume you can only transmit one carrier at a time or if you have a better way of transmitting these audio over 2wire please let me know.


Just to add that the 8 audio channels are independent so if they are combined (added) for easy 2 wire transmission they need to be properly separated at the other end.


Thanks in advance